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Bible Memorize and Bible Word Search Game

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Christian Computing Magazine's highest "5 Disk" review -- April 1998, pages 38 and 40.

This program is two games in one. It's a race against the clock to find as many words as you can from the randomly generated letters in the game grid! Use bonus points to help you with those hard to find words! Design your own Game Grids! High Scores help you track your progress for each different game grid design! Each game is different, even using the same game grid, because of the randomly generated letters!

The Bible Memorize game provides a fun way to memorize Scripture verses! You can manually type your favorite verses (from any translation) into the database, and the computer will randomly select verses to quiz you. The words in the Scripture Verses will then be randomly added to the playing grid. Your goal is to find all of the words that create the Scripture verse! (There are creative ways in which you can turn this game into a spelling quiz, dictionary definitions quiz, foreign language quiz, or many other "flash card" style memorization teaching techniques. Examples are preloaded.)

The Bible Word Search game will make you more familiar with the individual words that create the text of God's Word. It is a fun way to discover what words exist in the Bible and what words don't. For example, "automobile" is a valid word, but it is not found in the Bible. However, "ocean" is a valid word AND it is in the Bible. You decide which books of the Bible to use as the word dictionary! Your goal is to find as many Bible words as you can from the randomly generated letters in the game grid!

Version 1.00.008 (1-2-2001)
This version is functionally the same as 1.00.007 below.  It works with all Windows 95/98/ME/XP systems.  This version distributes newer .dlls, ocxes, support files, and uses an improved installation program.  A few minor cosmetic changes were made.  Download this version if you have a fast Internet connection or are patient to download this larger file.
Click here to download Mem2001.exe -- 9,314 KB

Version 1.00.007 (8-30-1997)
This version is functionally the same as 1.00.008 above.  It works with all Windows 95/98/ME/XP systems.  Download this version if you have a slow Internet connection..
Click here to download Memorize.exe -- 5,554 KB

King James Version (KJV) and New International Version (NIV) Bibles database:

The above program files only include the NIV Bible for the word search portion of the game.  Download this file if you want to have both the NIV and KJV.  (As always, you can enter any translation for your memorization Scriptures.)

Installation Instructions:

You must first install the above program AND run the game itself before loading the new Bibles.exe database.  If you all ready have the program installed AND have played it, simply follow the next steps.

After downloading the Bibles.exe file, run the program.  This will unzip the new database file into the default installation directory of the Kingdom Software Bible Memorize and Bible Word Search game.  If you chose a different location to install the original program, browse to the correct directory.  You will be prompted to overwrite your old file.  Overwriting your old file will destroy all high scores and Bible memorization verses you previously entered.

There is a known problem when changing between the KJV and NIV Bibles.  Each time you change Bible Versions, you must be sure to click the "Select Bible Books" button.  On the "Bible Book Selection" screen, you must make a change to the books selected.  You can even check and immediately uncheck a book.  Then click the "Extract Words From Bible" button.  You will see the word count change.  This insures that the new version of the Bible has been loaded.  If you don't do this, you will probably be using the version of the Bible previously used.  This problem will be fixed when a new release of the program is created.

Click here to download Bibles.exe -- 2,017 KB

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